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  • What would it feel like…?

    What would it feel like…?

    Imagine it’s 1942 in occupied Poland. Year 6 were whisked away to the woodlands to hide from the Germans! We had to build a barricade to protect our camp. We foraged for food and cooked it over an open fire. We built shelters and an [...]

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  • Science skills in action

    Science skills in action

    Green and Blue Base have all had an exciting Forensic Science Day, we had to use our scientific skills to solve a murder! Observation, predicting, measuring and reasoning were our tools. We think we look great in our white suits! What do you think?

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  • Y6 learn about Buddhism

    Y6 learn about Buddhism

    Year 6 visited the Buddhist Temple in Keighley to learn about this interesting place of worship. We learnt to meditate and control our thoughts. We also learn about the life of Buddha. It was interesting to learn about the beliefs of others and to see [...]

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  • Learning the Ukelele in Green Base

    Learning the Ukelele in Green Base

    We want it to be great to come to school everyday. One of the things that children in Green Base do on PPA afternoons is to learn the Ukelele with Mr Biggin. Below you can watch a video of children in Year 5 strumming and [...]

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  • Skate away each Thursday

    Skate away each Thursday

    Children from Blue Base join Mr Mawson for his Sk8 club each Thursday. They are learning new skills and when they fall off they get back on and try again.

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  • Bowling fun for 100% attenders!

    Bowling fun for 100% attenders!

    Well done to everyone who enjoyed a game of bowling or two to celebrate 100% attendance last term. The school council helped Mrs Bolton to keep score as teams bowled against one another – even the staff tried their best! Will you be joining in this term?

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  • Oliver Twist character pays a visit to Heaton

    Oliver Twist character pays a visit to Heaton

    Year 5 were treated to a dramatic day when actor Alex Fellows came in to play characters in Oliver Twist. The children were taken in by the drama and were keen to find out more by asking thoughful and probing questions.

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  • Slick skate skills…

    Slick skate skills…

    Miss Stocker’s sister kindly gave up her free time to skate at our weekly club. Children were wowed at Cora’s boarding tricks which included TicTacs, carving turns and kick turns. For her finale, she amazed us all by being able to jump over [...]

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  • The Viking Visitor

    The Viking Visitor

    A Viking visit helped learning come to life for Blue Base.

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  • Y5 step back in time

    Y5 step back in time

    Y5 visit Bradford Industrial Museum to experience life in the Victorian times. The children explored the museum which involved using a Victorian printing press, looking at the different stages in the textile industry and comparing poor and wealthy Victorian homes. The children also [...]

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