Blast off into Friday!

Apr 10, 2020


Have you completed your daily workout with Joe?

If not, click here to get your heart racing and body moving!

How did you feel after that?

Pumped up and ready for more things to try?

Premier League Learning

If you’re missing watching your favourite football team playing, have a go at this game. It has all the Premier League teams and players helping you with spelling and maths!

Blast Off!

Learn all about space with these fun interactive activities from NASA.

Some of these games may need Flash so you will need to use a laptop or computer.

Quiz Yourself 

I hope you’ve all been enjoying reading your books out in the sunshine. If you finish a book remember to take a quiz on Accelerated Reader.
Not finished your book yet but desperate to take a quiz? ReadTheory has loads of free extracts and quizzes for everyone. If you have a login (from your teacher) you could earn knowledge points for every correct quiz! Don’t worry you can enjoy them without a login too.

Read Theory link

Create a Journey Stick

An idea for when you are out for your walk or in your garden. Take a couple of elastic bands, find a stick and create a journey stick and attach interesting things you find along the way. You could also use tape, string or glue!

That’s all for today, have a wonderful weekend!

IDL, Times Tables Rockstars, Accelerated Reader and much more!