Bradford Refugee Week

Jun 17, 2020

This week it’s Bradford’s Refugee Week and this is how you can take part…

This week it is Bradford Refugee Week. Click here for more information about the week.

When people leave their country to seek refuge, or protection, in another country, they are called refugees. Sometimes governments force people to leave their country. Other people leave their country because they belong to a group that is being mistreated or to escape war or starvation.

This year the theme is ‘Imagine’. Click the link to see 8 simple acts you can do at home! 

Today’s Body Challenge

PE With Joe

It’s a new day that means a new #PEWithJoe!
Let’s get our bodies moving and heart’s pumping, so we are ready for the day!

Today’s Brain Challenge

Remember to log into MyMaths and complete any tasks your teacher may have set you. No tasks? Complete some booster packs or play some fun games.

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