Covid Poetry Competition

Jun 22, 2020

Write a poem and if you win you could earn £50!

Write about the pandemic, your experience in lockdown, the coronavirus or your loved ones during isolation. This competition is open to all children in our school and is free to enter. The competition will be judged by Dr Chris Bem from BRI.

Type your poem, do NOT write your name on it.

Email your poem as a word document attachment to

In the body of your email you must include your full name, your guardian’s name, contact telephone number and your age.


For more information click here

Today’s Body Challenge

PE With Joe

It’s a new day that means a new #PEWithJoe!
Let’s get our bodies moving and heart’s pumping, so we are ready for the day!

Today’s Brain Challenge

Remember to log into MyMaths and complete any tasks your teacher may have set you. No tasks? Complete some booster packs or play some fun games.

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