Exploring, Nature… and Zentangles!

Apr 1, 2020


Good Morning Heaton! How are we doing today?

Have you completed your daily workout with Joe?

If not here is the link to get your heart racing and body moving:

How did you feel after that? Pumped up and ready for more things to try? Read on for more…


Feeling inspired by nature?

Many of you will have Lego, wooden blocks or other building toys at home. So, challenge yourself to make something inspired by nature. You could make one big scene, like a springtime woodland or a giant tree. Or you could have a contest to see who can build the best minibeast, mammal or bird.

Miss Ali would love some inspiration for her next Lego masterpiece so please send your creations in to school by asking an adult to send it on Facebook or Twitter @BeckfootHeaton



I hope you’re enjoying spending time with your families at home. This activity is perfect to do both indoors on a rainy day or outside when its sunny. This style of art is called ‘zentangle’ and all you need is: a piece of paper, pencil, a black pen and your imagination!

Create a grid of 8 squares on a piece of plain A4 paper. In each square, create any patterns you like. Use your imagination or search for ‘zentangle patterns’ to get some inspiration. Draw your patterns in pencil first and then go over the lines with a black pen.

Take some pictures of your finished work, and ask an adult to share them on Facebook or Twitter @BeckfootHeaton


Ready for a bedtime story?

Well, famous explorer, and former virtual visitor to our school, Levison Wood is reading from his new book “Incredible Journeys”.

Join him on YouTube every night for the latest chapter!


That’s all for today, see you again tomorrow!



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