Get Moving, and Get Searching

Apr 7, 2020


Have you completed your daily workout with Joe?

If not, click here to get your heart racing and body moving!

How did you feel after that?

Pumped up and ready for more things to try?

Get moving with Go Noodle

What’s that? You want something else to get your heart pumping!?

GoNoodle is a great place for fun songs and exercise.

This is one of Miss Ali’s favourite videos: 


Design Stained Glass 

Get creative with this amazing competition. 

Design a stained glass window and send your entry to the email address on the site.

Read the information carefully and get designing! 

We’re going on a scavenger hunt! 

Use the picture below and see how many things you can find in your garden or on a local walk. You could even sketch some of the things. 

Miss Ali is going to try and find something red in her garden because it’s her favourite colour!

Rainbows for BRI

Last week, we asked you to create rainbows for the new NHS Nightingale hospital.

This week we want you to do the same but for our very own BRI!

Create A4 posters of rainbows, love and inspirational messages to decorate BRI’s Intensive Care Unit.

Each artwork should be A4-sized & emailed to

Come on Heaton!

That’s all for today, see you again tomorrow!

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