It’s Thursday – Time to Sing!

Apr 9, 2020


Have you completed your daily workout with Joe?

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How did you feel after that?

Pumped up and ready for more things to try?

Typing Club

Got a laptop or computer? Want to get faster at typing?

Typing Club has some fun stories and games to help you with your typing!

Sign up for free and increase your speed and accuracy when typing.

P.S It’ll definitely help with your speed in TTRS 😉

Sing Along With Mr Biggin

It’s Thursday; that means it’s time for singing!

This week we have two amazing songs from Mr Biggin because we know how much you all loved last week’s sing-along:


World Book Day illustrator @RobBiddulph is posting a brand new #DrawWithRob video for you every Tuesday and Thursday at 10am. Find him on YouTube.

Why not follow along and have a go yourself?

Take some pictures of your creations, and ask an adult to share them with us on Facebook or Twitter @BeckfootHeaton 

Easter Fun for Everyone

White Rose Maths has lots of fun activities for you and all your family to try during the Easter holidays.

Here’s just one example but there are many more on their website

That’s all for today, see you again tomorrow!

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