OBON and Bradford Revealed

Jun 26, 2020

Bradford Revealed in celebration of OBON

It’s One Britain One Nation day today! Time to celebrate your unique story and our diverse school by sharing an object’s story. Read yesterday’s blog for more information

All you need to do is take a picture of a special object and write about what it means to you or your family – include why it’s precious, what it means to you, the memories it contains. Or you could create a short video showing and explaining your object.

Use the padlet below to upload your special object. Follow the instructions in blue! Click the + button to start. Write your first name and class as the title (if you are an adult you don’t need to write a class!) then choose to either use the camera (snap) to take a picture and write a few words or click the … and film a video. You choose! 

Read the other stories and click the images to see the precious objects.

Made with Padlet

Alan Dix and Rosema

Here’s Alan and Rosema explaining what Bradford Revealed is and sharing their special object with us all. Remember you can either send a picture with a few words or record a video. Get searching for your object!

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