OBON and Bradford Revealed

Jun 25, 2020

OBON and Bradford Revealed

Many of you will be familiar with our annual OBON (One Britain One Nation) celebrations in school. A chance for us to all celebrate what makes us British and unique.

Being British means we are equal yet that doesn’t stop us all having a unique story! This year we won’t be able to celebrate like we normally do so we have teamed up with Mr Alan Dix (he wrote the song We will Walk this Road Together) to help us all share our story that makes us unique. Remember; your voice matters!

All you have to do is find an object that is special to you or your family and tell us it’s story! This could be something as flimsy as an old photograph or as precious as a loved toy. Try to choose something that highlights your uniqueness! The best part? You can share your object and story with all of us and we will do the same! Let’s get every child, staff member and maybe even parent to share their story. Our community is always amazing at coming together so let’s do it one more time.

Here’s an example video from Miss Mir to give you inspiration:

Right that’s enough from me, start thinking about what your object may be and then come back to tomorrow’s blog to share your story (and read other’s stories too!) I’m very excited to hear all your stories that make you special and make our school so diverse and unique.

Bradford is our home!

Mr Biggin has put a spin on a classic song and I think it is perfect for our One Britain One Nation and Bradford Revealed collaboration. Have a listen! Even though we are not together to celebrate OBON you can still play Mr Biggin’s song, dress up and sing/dance around your house!

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