Our inspiring trip to Leeds University

May 15, 2018

What an incredible day we had when 270 eager Year 4, 5 and 6 children set off on 4 double decker buses to experience their very first day at University.

Leeds University arranged a welcome party of eager students to help each class enjoy their day and find out lots about their studies as well as life at a university.  As well as making sure we got safely to each of our activities, the guides showed us around the university campus, pointing out many of the important and impressive buildings along the way.  We were very grateful for their help as we were very surprised about how big the campus was.

Incredible is the only word to describe our first activity.  Professor Mark Mon Williams told us that we are the first ever primary school to take so many children to the university and the first ever primary school to ask for a real university lecture.  By the end of the lecture, we understood so many facts about how the universe came to be as it is today and that we are incredible because we are the people who can change the universe in the future. Inspired children are now determined to make this happen.

As we found out, research is an important part of university studies and we were involved in this in 2 ways.  Virtually visiting CERN in Switzerland set the scene for year 4 and 5 children to research particles and scientific evidence was duly recorded!   Year 6 were in awe of the huge sports facilities as they participated in some physical research with Science students who were surprised at their energy!

We would like to thank Professor Mark Mon Williams, his colleagues and the students at the University for allowing us to visit and for all of the work they put in to arranging such a GREAT day.  Thank you also to Look North for coming along and showing our visit on the news the next day.

Exhausted at the end of a very busy day, with lots of walking and thinking, the children arrived back at school a little more confident that they can change the universe and have that great life that they deserve!

How inspired were our children?

Watch this video and see for yourself!