Painted Rocks

Aug 17, 2020

Singing with Mr Biggin

This week we are singing the Heaton anthem! You should all know this one so get ready to sing it loud and proud Heaton superstars! 

Rock Art

This activity gets you out in nature and is creative too! All you need to do is find some rocks or stones (try to find smooth ones) and wash them so they’re nice and clean. When they’re dry, use some paint and get creative!

You could paint different characters and act out a story for your family. You could also leave them out and about during your walk for other people to find.

Wash your hands for 20 seconds after playing with nature.

Remember to send any pictures to us at @BeckfootHeaton on Facebook or Twitter

Scavenger Hunts

Everyone loves a scavenger hunt! Have a go at these. You could turn it into a competition with someone in your family – who will find them all first?


That’s all for this week – see you next week for more fun things to do this summer.


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