Pick up some tasty treats, and help stop food waste

Jun 28, 2017

Did you know how much food gets wasted away every year?

We were shocked to learn that roughly 1.3 billion tonnes of perfectly good food gets thrown away every year. This is 1/3 of all food produced in the world!

Did you know you can do your bit to help stop this waste, and at the same time, pick up some great tasting food for you and your family?

We are now running a ‘pay what you want’ food shop, every Thursday afternoon at 2:45pm, in the school playground.

Every week, we offer you a range of tasty food, which would otherwise be thrown away. Bring a bag, fill it up, and make a donation!


When we learnt about how much food is wasted, we decided to do something about it. We teamed up with “Fuel for School“, a scheme run by the “Real Junk Food Project” to do our bit to help tackle this problem.

The products we have in our shop come from supermarkets, restaurants and wholesalers who have decided they don’t want to sell the food for various reasons.

We were surprised to learn some of the reasons why this food would have been thrown away. For example, last week, we managed to rescue some chocolate biscuits from being wasted, just because the manufacturer had changed the design of the packets and didn’t want to sell them with the old style wrapper!

Sometimes the food is getting close to, or past it’s “best before” date, but don’t worry, the food is still safe to eat and tastes great! Everything we offer is checked by the expert team at the Real Junk Food Project.

You may have already seen our stall on Thursday afternoons in the playground, but if you haven’t, come and check it out! You can pick up some tasty bargains, and help the environment by reducing food waste.


Please note — we don’t offer any food that has passed it’s “use by” date. Remember — “best before” dates let you know when the food is at it’s best, but are usually safe to eat after this date. “Use by” dates are for food items that are dangerous to eat if they have “gone off”, like meat, and ready prepared salads. For more information on use by/best before dates, and some tips to help reduce food waste in your home, check out this page on the Food Standards Agency Website.