DfE School Performance Tables


DfE School performance table gives information on the achievements and progress of pupils at Heaton Primary School, and how our school compares with others in the Bradford area and in England as a whole.

The tables show:


  • results of key stage 2 (KS2) tests in reading and mathematics and of writing teacher assessments
  • progress measures. These show the percentage of pupils who make at least expected progress in each of reading, writing and maths. Between the end of key stage 1(KS1) and the end of KS2 most pupils are expected to make at least two national curriculum levels of progress
  • average points score (APS)
  • a value added score which measures pupils’ KS1 – KS2 progress compared with pupils nationally of the same prior attainment
  • performance of disadvantaged pupils (ie. those eligible for free school meals in the last 6 years and children in care) compared to other pupils
  • performance and progress of low, middle and high prior attaining pupils
  • teacher assessments (carried out just before national curriculum tests) of their pupils’ levels of attainment in reading, writing, mathematics and science.


  • rates of overall pupil absence and persistent absence

Spend per Pupil

  • information on schools’ income and expenditure for the financial year


  • statistics relating to teachers and school workforce


  • schools’ most recent Ofsted inspection grade, the date on which the inspection took place and links to their Ofsted reports.

The information on the DfE website gives part of the picture of a school and its pupils’ achievements. Schools change from year to year and their future results may differ from those achieved by current pupils.