Puppets, Problem Solving, and Pyjamas

Apr 30, 2020



Have you completed your daily workout with Joe?




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How did you feel after that?


Pumped up and ready for more things to try?




Puppet Theatre

Make your own puppet theatre! Use sticks, scrap paper shapes or old socks. Your characters can be decorated by collecting leaves, petals and grasses. Make sure you ask an adult to help with scissors.



Find more fun things to do here!


Premier League problem solving

Time to use your problem solving skills!

Nine players are in training before the final. They start passing the ball to each other; as the manager you want a good balance of experience working together.

Can you position the 9 players in the box so that all the season numbers add up to 15 across and down each row?

Click here for more Premier League fun!

Sing along with Mr Biggin! 

This week we have songs for both young and old in our school. Sing-along Heaton!

Younger children:

Older children:

Tomorrow – Pyjamarama!

Tomorrow (Friday 1st May) is Pyjamarama! A fun-filled day celebrating stories and reading all in your pyjamas!

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Beckfoot Trust Times Tables Rockstars competition

It’s time to represent your school in the Beckfoot Trust Tournament!

Log into Times Tables Rock Stars and start playing!

Answer as many questions as possible
Play in any game type

Let’s rock and roll Heaton!

Thats all for today, check back tomorrow for more!

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