See you soon!

Aug 24, 2020

Singing with Mr Biggin

Great Learners and Great People are destined for Great Lives


A letter to my new teacher

September means new classes, new teachers and lots of new learning. Your teachers have worked hard to come up with some fun lessons and I’m sure you’re all excited to see your friends again!

Why not write a letter to your new teacher. This activity is a great way to help you get ready for September by writing down everything you wish your teacher knew. You could tell your teacher: any worries you may have, what helps you learn, your favourite lessons, your aspirations, your hobbies, what you’re excited about this year or anything else you want!

You could email your finished sheet to your new teacher or bring it in on your first day back!

Leaf art

Using fallen leaves and paint can you create some art? Why not try to create leaf mandalas? Or maybe recreate a scene from a book or movie using leaves?

You could add fallen flowers, petals or sticks to your art work to create a complete nature piece of art!


Remember to wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds after playing with nature.



This is the last blog post before we all start school again! Your teachers cannot wait to see you all again. Miss Ali knows that every single one of you is a Great Learner and Great Person so there’s no doubt you’ll have Great Lives – see you all in September. Give me a smile and wave!

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