The Summer Reading Challenge

Jun 8, 2020

Do you like reading? Want a fun challenge? You’ll love this!

Remember when I said books are magic? Well, it’s time for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge, and for 2020 it’s all about funny books, happiness and having a laugh!

Set yourself a reading challenge to complete this summer. Maybe you want to read more non-fiction books or books by different authors. Maybe you want to read 5 books or an entire series!

Whatever you choose this online platform has loads of brilliant book suggestions to get you started, and tips on how you can keep reading even while schools and libraries are closed.

It all starts right now! 

Click here for the Summer Reading Challenge website

Click here to help you find a new book

Tips on how to stay reading even whilst libraries are closed  

Reminder: make sure you send in your amazing say no to racism posters, artwork, poems etc. To – I can’t wait to show them off on the blog!

Today’s Body Challenge

Let's Star Jump!

How many star jumps can you do? Let’s star jump with this video! 

Today’s Brain Challenge

Numberblocks is a great way to learn your numbers. There’s lots of games to play or clips to watch. Have a go. 

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