TTRockstars competition, fireworks in a glass, and more!

Apr 28, 2020



Have you completed your daily workout with Joe?



If not, click here to get your heart racing and body moving! 


How did you feel after that?

Pumped up and ready for more things to try?


Let’s get creative!

Art is all around us, all you have to do is look!

Miss Ali challenges you all to create some art using everyday objects. You could create a scene, an animal or person. Here’s some examples to get you started…be creative!


Share your artwork with school by asking an adult to send it to us on Facebook or Twitter @BeckfootHeaton or emailing to 

Fireworks in a glass!?

Time for some fun science!

See if you can recreate this fireworks in a glass experiment with an adult.

This experiment is all about density; read the science box to learn more.


STEM starters

Here are some fun activities you could all try. They help you develop your science, maths, engineering and technology skills.

Miss Ali is excited to try the ‘How does our body work?’ Activity. Which one will you try?



Beckfoot Trust Times Tables Rockstars competition

It’s time to represent your school in the Beckfoot Trust Tournament!



Log into Times Tables Rock Stars and start playing!

Answer as many questions as possible
Play in any game type

Let’s rock and roll Heaton!


Thats all for today, check back tomorrow for more!


IDL, Times Tables Rockstars, Accelerated Reader and much more!