Underwater Candle?!

May 18, 2020

Underwater Candle Experiment

Time for a fun science experiment you can try at home! For this one you will need a plate, candle, water, food colouring (optional) and a glass. This experiment is all about the science of air pressure. Remember to always ask an adult to help you!

Today’s Body Challenge

PE With Joe

Get up and get moving with another #PEwithJoe.

Remember you can always watch his older videos on his channel if you want double the exercise and double the fun!

Today’s Brain Challenge

TTRS - Top of the Rocks

We won the first round.

We won the second round.

Now can we make it a hat trick?

Let’s rock our times tables Heaton! Log in and help your class and school win. Which class will get to the top from Heaton?

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See you soon!

See you soon!

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