Welcome to our home learning blog!

Mar 30, 2020


Good Morning Heaton Superstars!


Welcome to our brand new home learning blog, where you’ll find fun things to learn and do at home every day!


We all know how important exercise is to having a Great Life right?

Well, Joe Wicks hosts a daily PE lesson on YouTube at 9am that we want everyone to get involved with. Don’t worry even if you aren’t out of your warm bed yet you can catch up with the workout on his YouTube channel here:

How did you feel after that? Pumped up and ready for more things to try? Read on for more…

Bring the Zoo into your house?!

Guess what? The Edinburgh Zoo have webcams for various animals (Miss Ali loves checking in on the cute Pandas)

Click here and have a look at the webcams

Younger Children: Choose an animal to draw. You could make a model out of playdough, use chalk outside or colouring pencils – be creative!

Share your masterpiece with school by asking an adult to send it to us on Facebook or Twitter @BeckfootHeaton

Older Children: choose one animal to observe and write what you notice into your literacy book. I’ve listed some possible questions you could answer below:

  1. Are the animals eating? If so, what are they eating?
  2. What do they spend most of their time doing?
  3. What do you think the animals are thinking about?

Make a lava lamp!

Want to try a fun science experiment at home? This one will create a fun lava lamp using only a few things found in your house!

Take some pictures of your finished product and get your parents to send it to school through Facebook or Twitter @BeckfootHeaton

Rock on Heaton!

Times Tables Rock Stars is an amazing way to improve your times tables and have fun.

This week, Miss Ali is going to log in to try and earn enough money to finally update her avatar’s appearance! If you challenge me today I might just respond.

What are you waiting for? Log in today and rock on Heaton!


That’s all for today. Check back tomorrow, for more fun things to learn and do every day!

IDL, Times Tables Rockstars, Accelerated Reader and much more!