What can you find in a book? Plus – Dancing and Times Tables

May 6, 2020

What can you find in a book?

Books can take you on magical journeys, and teach you all kinds of things, but did you know books can be a source of inspiration?

Grab a book, turn to page 6, write down 10 words that catch your eye, then use 7 of the words to create a poem or piece of writing. Give it a try! You could use less words if your book doesn’t have many. 

Share your writing with school by asking an adult to tag us on Facebook or Twitter or emailing us at: office@beckfootheaton.org

Today’s Body Challenge

Just Dance!

 A great way to get your body moving is dancing! Miss Ali’s class love using Just Dance so today why not have a go?
Get up and get grooving!

Today’s Brain Challenge

TTRS - Top of the Rocks

Yay – we won the last TTRS challenge!
But it doesn’t stop there…

Time to rock out again. Help our school and your class get to number one. Log in and play – it’s that simple! Who will earn the most points? Who will rock to the top?