Write, explore, and more!

Apr 29, 2020


Have you completed your daily workout with Joe?


If not, click here to get your heart racing and body moving! 


How did you feel after that?

Pumped up and ready for more things to try?

10 Minute Writing Challenge

Have you got a spare 10 minutes? Then you could take part in a writing challenge with an author!

Choose any author or challenge from the provided list and follow along.

Remember there’s no wrong or right answer. Just have fun and be creative!

Share your writing with school by asking an adult to send it to us on Facebook or Twitter @BeckfootHeaton or emailing to office@beckfootheaton.org 

Question what you see!

Look at this picture. At first glance it seems perfectly normal but take a closer look!

Why is there a cat in the cage?
Why is the candle plugged in?

How many questions can you come up with about what you see? Maybe you could use the questions to write a short story. Or create your own unusual image!

Virtual exploration

Anyone want to go on a virtual adventure?

Look how majestic the Pyramids of Giza are!
Did you spot the people on the floor? They look tiny!

These Swiss Alps are making me shiver!

Let’s go see some King Penguins at Kansas City Zoo
How many penguins did you count?

Beckfoot Trust Times Tables Rockstars competition

It’s time to represent your school in the Beckfoot Trust Tournament!


Log into Times Tables Rock Stars and start playing!

Answer as many questions as possible
Play in any game type

Let’s rock and roll Heaton!

Thats all for today, check back tomorrow for more!


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