Year 5 Trip to Blackhills

Nov 14, 2018

Year 5 had such a fabulous time….

With maps in hand, we walked through the city and the country to get to our destination. We dodged numerous patches of manure and often slipped through wet grass. However the tiring walk was defintely worth the view from the trigg point on Norr Hill. Even after around 2 hours of walking every child had a smile on their face and their excitement was electrifying.

Learning about the Anglo-Saxons….

To help delve deeper into the lives of Anglo Saxons (our topic for the half term) children took part in archery, talisman crafting and clay pot making (with runes writing). With the sun setting and the light disapperaing children moved quickly to craft their talismans and pots – it defintely helped us understand life before electricity!

Some music too…

Rain or shine, light or dark Heaton Primary keeps on singing and smiling. This was proven during our games at night with just our torches to light the way and the camp fire singalong. Thank you Mr Biggins for coming down with your guitar.

Hot chocolate (with whipped cream and marshmallows) and a quiz with Mr Mawson kept spirits high in the evening. It was lights out as everyone settled into bed and with tired bodies and a sleepy smile we
had a peaceful nght’s sleep (just ask Mrs Lambert).

Breakfast was a team effort with many children setting the tables, handing out cereal and washing up afterwards. Chldren packed their own lunches with some help from the amazing staff and then it was time for the morning activities.

Children took part in science experiments and observations to help with their learning about forces. They learnt about the effects of pulleys. Through using a hammer to pull out a nail they saw first hand the impact of a fulcrum and lever. The morning activities ended with a group game of tig (including the teachers).

We set off back to school only stopping at Sandy Lane park for a quick play and to eat lunch. The walk back consisted of laughter, singing, games of I Spy and lots of petting and feeding of horses.