Your Bradford Revealed Stories

Jul 6, 2020

A video to celebrate your special objects

So many of you contributed your special objects and stories to our Bradford Revealed project for OBON 2020 we just had to create a video!

Have a look at all the amazing objects which make you all so unique. We all have so many stories to tell – learning about each other helps us understand and respect each other.

Can you spot your object?

Today’s Body Challenge

Just Dance!

 A great way to get your body moving is dancing! Miss Ali’s class love using Just Dance so today why not have a go?
Get up and get grooving!

Today’s Brain Challenge

Brush up on your spelling and grammar with this app. Use your login (given to you by your teacher) and have a go at the tasks assigned to you. This one may just be for older children. 

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See you soon!

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