Zentangle Fun

Jul 14, 2020

Zentangles are perfect no matter the weather!

This is something Miss Ali tried at the very start of lockdown (way back in March!) and it was a lot of fun so it’s back! This activity is perfect to do both indoors on a rainy day or outside when its sunny. This style of art is called ‘zentangle’ and all you need is: a piece of paper, pencil, a black pen and your imagination!



Create a grid of 8 squares on a piece of plain A4 paper. In each square, create any patterns you like. Use your imagination or Google ‘zentangle patterns’ to get some inspiration. Draw your patterns in pencil first and then go over the lines with a black pen.


Today’s Body Challenge

PE With Joe

It’s a new day that means a new #PEWithJoe!
Let’s get our bodies moving and heart’s pumping, so we are ready for the day!

Today’s Brain Challenge

Get on to Bug Club! It’s a great place to read lots of books specially chosen by your teacher. Plus you can play games and decorate your own treehouse!

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